Matchpoint has its own content manager to create multilingual portals so our clients can access our center to make reservations or consult any information or event of the club.

The portal is managed from the same tool from which we make reservations or manage the schools and is intended for use by customers, ie the tools that are there are for them and the users and passwords they use are different from the ones That we will have to accede to the management of the club or to the mobile applications of monitors.

The portal is distributed as follows:

It has a main menu to access each section or page.
In the content of the pages or side sections we have several plugins developed by us and that connect directly to the application (reservations, games, championships, ranking, news, events, photos), so that we can have content without much knowledge of HTML.

We have a foot or lower section common to all pages where we can put logos, club information, etc ...

In each page we can define the content that appears in the central part or in the sides and lower section.
All content can be modified except the template we design for your page and the plugins developed by us, the rest (news, images, personalized content, tables,) you can add it directly using the appropriate tools.