To link the web to the track reservation system, we must first access to:

System → System Configuration.


Once we have entered, access the section Web - APP:

In the General tab of the Web - APP section, we must make sure that the Online Reservation System Lock is not selected. In addition, from here we can indicate the service schedule of the online reservation system and other options such as not allowing the same day book or show the price and track in the reservation process.

On the other hand, in the Web page tab, we can indicate if we want the online reservation system to be public, which means that non-authenticated users can see it. In addition, you can check the option to allow users to directly add other customers to the reservation, as we can select that it is mandatory to indicate all players participating in the reservation. We can also enable the payment option in reservations either with card, in the center, with balance or with bonus.

In addition, if we want users to access the reservation system by the mobile application, we must access the Mobile Application tab and check that the reservation system is enabled, as well as indicate the payments either in the center, with Balance or with card.

Once verified everything explained above, to link the web with the reservation system, we must access to:
Website & Networks → Web design → Website Management.

Once we have entered, we will see the portals created with its corresponding center:

Click the edit icon on the portal that we want to link to our reservation system.

Once we have entered, we will go to the Top Menu section.

From here we will add the top menu of Reservations, pressing the icon "New":

We will put it as an indicative title as Booking and in the type we will select Bookings. We can also select an image, and the position in which it will be in the top menu of our website, if we put a 2 will appear as follows:

We can also specify the level of access, whether public or private, if it is public means that non-authenticated users will see the reservations menu, but they will not necessarily see the reservations box when they click on Reservations since, as explained above, The access to the public reservation box is specified in the General Configuration of our Web. In case it is private, Reservations in the top menu will only be seen by the authenticated users.

Once we have finished we give the Update button and we will already have linked our web with the system of reservations of tracks.