To display the open items in the web page we must access to:

System → System Configuration.

Once we have entered, go to the Booking-Play section! And enter the tabs Play!:

When we have entered, we must make sure that the game system is enabled. In addition, we will be able to select the option to make public the System of agreement of games, which means that non-authenticated users will be able to see the open items in the page, if we do not make it public, only the authenticated users will be able to see the open items. We also have other options for configuring games such as setting the time in advance to unsubscribe from a game or not allowing the cancellation of closed or completed games. On the other hand, we can also allow games only from friends, enable chat ...

Once we have checked the above described we must access Website & Networks → Websites → Website Management

Once we have entered, we will see the portals created with their corresponding center:

Click the edit icon   on the portal that we want to link to our reservation system.

Once we have entered, we will go to the Top Menu section

From here we will add the top menu of Departures or Play!, by clicking the icon "New":

We'll call it Play! And the type will be Matches Search Panel. In addition, the position in this case is 3, so it is shown in the top menu as follows:

The icon that we see will be put automatically if we write Play! As the title of our top menu.

We can also specify the level of access, it can be public or private, if it is public means that the non-authenticated users will see in the top menu the games or Play! In this case, but you will not necessarily see open items when you press Play! Since, as explained above, access to public items is specified in the section Booking - Play! On the Play! In case it is private, the section Play! In the top menu only the authenticated users will see it. If the level of access is public and the online system of concertation of public parties is not enabled, the non-authenticated users that enter will be redirected to identify themselves.
Once we have finished we give the Update button and we will show the open game finder on our website.