To set up the opening times and days of the center, you can go to:

Planning -> Centers Configuration

Here you can see the list of centers you have registered, and you can create a set up by clicking

(You'll find just one center in most cases)

Once inside the configuration menu, we click on "Center Schedules":

Here we can define the opening times we want to have in the center throughout the year. We can:

-Add new 

-Modify them

-Remove them

From the 1st of January to the 31st of December is the defined time for the usual opening that will come by default in our program. We can modify the schedule and the usual opening time weekly. For example: if we close the center on Sundays, we would untick the box "Open" below the Sunday, or if we want a special schedule for different days of the week we can add the schedule we want for each day.

If you press  or edit  one of the entries you can see a screen like the one below


In the "Holidays" tab we can define the days in which the center will remain open but will apply different prices than usual. If we define them here, when configuring the price rates the program will select the rate we have created for holidays.