To define the court booking fees you have to go to:

Customers / General Rates / Bookings

Once there, you can see the list of fees we have already. 

To edit them press:

Once inside the booking fee, you'll see the next screen.

To set up the booking fees press Prices on the left menu:

From here you can create new fees, edit or delete them.

When you have created a new fee pressing the "New" button, you will see the next screen that is a form to fill.

 *Description of the fields:

-Mode: Previously defined on the fee, it indicates what kind of use the court will have, like single or double.

-Description: The name of the fee.

-Validity Period: the dates when this price will be available. This is not a mandatory field, unless you want to set a promotional price.

-Advance to booking day: how many days in advance you can book at this price.

-Duration: to set up different prices for different durations of the booking. 

For example 60, 90 or 120 minutes

-Amount of light hour: If you use the lighting policy you can specify the price the light will cost an hour when using this fee, and it will automatically add the amount to the total price if light is used.

-Prices per guest: If the customer brings a non-member player, how much this player will pay, and how the price is calculated.

-Price: the booking fee.