To define the fees for the private lessons you can to go to:

Customers / General rates / Private Classes

Here you can see the list of private lessons you already have. 

To edit them press , to create new one press "New".

If you press "New" you will see the next screen, where you can name the class and add a description, the kind of sport, if it is active or not, and if you want it to be visible on the website. Once you have done, do not forget to press update.

Once a lesson has been set up, you can press  and you will see the private lesson file.

Go to Prices on the left menu to create or edit a fee for this lesson.

You can press edit to edit a price or new to create a new one.

(*) To define Instructor categories you can go to Planning / Instructors / Instructor categories

For each price you can set one or more conditions, like groups of customers, membership, age etc. You can also choose a time slot or specific days in which different prices may apply.

If you use the time slot option you should write the price on the time slot only, not on the whole file.