To restrict access to bookings you must go to:

System -> Web tables -> Bookings Policy.

Once we are there we'll see the list of booking policies we have created. 

Must take into account that booking policies are created by court type.

To create new booking policies we must press on "New", when we have introduced the name and have pressed on the update button, the new booking policy will be shown in the list. To edit data of that policy press on the icon:

In the Booking Policy Record press on "New" to define a new bookings policy and we'll see the next screen:

Here we can define the restrictions that have access to the booking in question, like a specific customer, a Customer type or an age range.

In Booking section there are other options to restrict access to bookings like limit bookings by day or amount of bookings can make a day.


-Allow enter booking system: If we check it, bookings can be made.

-Allow book via web/phone: Booking is allowed by web and by mobile.

-Limit bookings by day: It establishes the limit of the bookings that can be made in one day or the maximum time of bookings that can be made in minutes.

-Limit bookings by week: It establishes the limit of the bookings that can be made in one week.

-Amount of reserves can make a day:

-Time to make bookings:

-Minimum advance booking:

-Allow cancel bookings via web/phone:

-Allow cancel booking:

-Max. allowed time to cancel bookings (min.):

-Generate charges on reserves cancelled out of time:

-Allow payments at center:

-Allow booking on the spaces at same time:

-Forbide make reserves until last is occupied:

-Maximum number of simultaneous booking: