To access the initial configuration of your center you can go to System -> System Configuration.

Once there, you will see the Configuration folder  divided in different sections.

In the Center section on the left menu you have the details of your center, postal address, telephone number, website address, etc.

These details are used for invoices and receipts. You can change it anytime just by modifying the text and clicking on the Update button below.

In each section of the menu you will find general configuration data for the Customers, the Web, the Schools or others.

On the other hand, if you access Planning -> Center Configuration, you will see the list of your centers.

Here you can set up a new center , edit it  or delete it .

When you register a new center you should also provide some general information such as Center Name, Address, Town, Contact Details, social networks, etc.

In the Subcenters button you can add a center that depends on your main one. For example, If you have centers in different cities or countries, you can manage all from just one app. You can add a new one by pressing, you can edit  or delete

To see how to set the Schedules and Holidays go to the following article Set opening hours and closed days