In order to configure the private area we will have to go to:

System → System Configuration

When entering inside will open the following window where we will have to click on the menu on the left in Web-APP and later on Web Page.

We will see that if we move down we have a User Zone and another called Sections Board Administration from here we can modify the tasks we want users to do or not, as well as what they can see and what they can not.

In the section of User Zone we have to take one thing into account and is that when choosing the method of registration, we have three options:

- 'The registration is automatically registered without validation' → The user will be able to directly access the web once registered.

- 'The registration is carried out with validation by email' → The user must wait to validate the mail to enter the web, with the possible problem of being sent to the spam folder of his mail and not Of account, without being able to validate it.

- 'The registry must be validated by the administrator' → The user must wait until the administrator validates the registry. With the possible problem that the administrator has many requests of discharge, without being able to solve them in time.