In order to invoice all the reservations a customer has in one go we can go to:

Planning --> Reservations --> Booking Invoicing

Here you have several options to select the services you want to invoice. You can select a specific customer if you want to invoice all the bookings of a particular customer. You can also invoice all customers, by leaving the box blank.

The second option can be marked so that only the reservations that have 'bank' as form of payment will be loaded (this is done by checking the option "Unpaid reservations will be paid by bank" from the customer card). Then we can narrow down the search by date. You can also select what types of charges you want to bill, reservations, games or private lessons. If you want to invoice everything, you can select all the 3 options. 

Once all the options are correctly selected, click on the button Load Bookings. 

You will now see on the screen all the charges waiting to be invoiced according to your criterias. If you do not get any results, make sure that there are unpaid reservations on the dates you are searching, and with the conditions you have specified.

Once all the reservations appear, select the ones that you want to invoice one by one or check the "select all" box. Then you can choose the form of payment you want to appear in the ticket. If you want to make a remittance with these services you have to select the form of payment 'bank', otherwise they will not appear in the remittance. Now you can select the billing series that you want on the documents to show and finally choose if they will be tickets or invoices.

When you have chosen everything click on "Invoice bookings" to create the documents of all these services.

If you have selected bank as form of payment, you can already create the remittance with these services. Look how to do it by clicking here.

Remember that once you have billed the reservations, the document has been created and therefore these services will not appear by searching with this funcion anymore. Here you can only look for charges that do not have a ticket or invoice yet, not all the charges that are pending payment. A service may have a ticket, but not have been paid yet.