To create a new league go to Planning / Championship / Championship

You'll see a window with a list of the championships you already created. To create a new one press on New league.

Now you can enter all the basic details of the league, such as the name, the length, the inscription dates, if it's a team or a single league, the preferred schedule etc. 

You can insert the name of the Championship, the length of the Tournament, the type of championship (System> Championships> Championship types) that will define if it's individual or by team, mark if matches are divided into sets, and how many, decide the schedule of the Championship, Journeys length, points assignments and the maximum number of matches to be played 

Once you have fill all the options, press insert and the league will be created. You'll be directed to the previous screen with the list of championships. 

To keep configuring the options press  on the league you just created.

The next thing to do is create new groups:

Go to the left menu and click on Groups button.

Then press New to create a new group.

If you allow online signup when the people join through website will be able to join this group directly if they want to. 

You can insert a maximum number of players for the group.

You can set up a specific schedule for this team, and which courts will be used for programming this group's matches.

You can set up how many points will be assigned once registering a match result.


Once we have set up all the groups we want, the next step will be set the prices for the tournament. To do so, go to Prices section on the menu, and once there press on

You can choose the name of the price, to which group it applies, state a period of validity.

 If there are more prices, you can set one of these as a priority price, according to the conditions.

If you want to apply different prices for registration, for each match played or if someone doesn't show up or break the rules you will have to write the corresponding amounts.

Then you can tell in which cases the price will be used, e.g. if it's valid only for a specific group of customers.

After setting up the groups and the prices, we can modify the rounds and journeys as we like, even though the program will set it all up for us. That can be done on the rounds button of the menu.

Then if we want to show the league on the website, we can configure the website options for the league inside Additional data, on the left menu.

You can use the URL to redirect clients to the League page, you can select options if you want to ask for Bank data and if the championship has a fixed price per match according to set up rates.

You can Upload a conditions form to show it on the website and you can decide which sections show on the website (details, groups, files).

You can permit or deny specific permissions to players (e.g. inserting results).

You can decide to ask for a payment on the website along with the registration, and add any text to the description of the league, as an observation or additional information.

You can decide if you want to show  Classification in Main Page, enable statistics, and if you are giving a free shirt, among which sizes can the player choose.

It's almost done now, juts left to manage the inscriptions and schedule the matches. You have two options to do the inscriptions, get them through the website or enter it yourself. You can do both of course.

If you decide to do it through the website, you have to allow it on the screenshot above, then each time someone joins your league you'll have them on the inscriptions section as soon as they pay. If you don't want to take the payment, or want to give the option to allow the inscription payment in the club, then they will be inside the requests tab until you accept the inscription or the payment is registered.

If you prefer to register the customers yourself then go to the inscriptions section, and press on New inside the inscriptions tab.

You can insert the name of the team, the inscription date, to which group they belong, if you want to apply different prices for them and then Load Team from the database if they have joined a championship before, Pre-register or Register/Confirm.

You can add the players typing their name, looking through the database, and adding them to the list.

NOTE: If you are accepting registrations through the website and you can't find them, make sure you look inside the Requests tab

Now that you have all players and details on the league, it's time to go to the general section and press on    You'll find it at the bottom of the page.

You can select a specific Group or program all of them, select which fase to program, if you want to book matches on the booking grid or just generate the matches ( you can process the bookings anytime clicking on Generate booking instead of Generate Matches)

If you press on create matches with the booking tracks option selected then you'll create the matches and book the spaces on the grid in only one process, but if you want to check the matches first (to make sure all are created within your request, then don't select the option and you can do the same process later to book the spaces. The only thing different will be you will select the options above and press on generate bookings instead of generate matches.

Once the schedule has been set, you can go to the matches section on the menu and see all the matches for your league.

The league is done now, just left to enter the results. If you selected the option on the additional data, to let the players enter the results then you don't even have to worry about it. But if you want to control the results, you can enter it yourself clicking on
for each match.

Once you decide to register the results, you can press the corresponding button for the team/player, enter the points scored for each set, with the option of adding extra points, marking incidents, changing the date, cancel the result if you want to correct it or cancel it, change the visitor team to the local, exchange the date of this match to another one.

When the results are inserted, go to the rating section of the menu, and press the Recalculate button to update the ranking. It will show how is going with the new results you entered and it will be updated on the website as well.