There are several things to consider before creating a campus (summer, easter, Christmas...)

Mainly we should be clear about the services offered; if we have shifts both in the morning and in the afternoon, if we have dining service, if we offer a transport...

In order to create a campus we will enter: Prlanning --> (Courses) --> Campus

We will open a window with a list of all available campuses (if any).

Click on the "New" button.

The Campus Form will be opened to us so that we can fill it out:

In this tab the most important are the starting and ending cards of the campus itself. 

Therefore we will select in the calendar the corresponding dates:

As well as how to detail the tuition, since the campus at least, we will hire you by weeks and not by days.

When it is already created, from the window where it is the list of all the campuses, we will click on the button "Edit" (paper/bowl) the campus that we have just created, to continue concretizing things about it.

In the section "Additional Details", we can establish the weeks in which students can be registered, so that they can be billed for each week in which they are enrolled.

Once inside, we will go to the "Groups" option on the left menu and press the "New" button to create different shifts, if we want the camp to be divided in mornings, afternoons or full.

Clicking on the "New" button will open a form to fill in. We’ll give you the name of the group we want and if you have intensive shifts or match. 

We can also tell you the ages of these groups and limit the groups.

Now we can also put a maximum number of places per week and per shift, it is not necessary to make them the same for every week.

How do we set it up? In order to configure this option we will go to the Groups on our campus and edit the group to which we want to change the places.

Inside the pop-up window we will see the option of Detailed Vacancies. From here we will create a new option from where we can filter by range of weeks and even by shift.

Later we will choose the "Prices and Discounts" option from the menu on the left. We will see that on the screen on the right we have four options, Prices, Additional Charges, Automatic Discounts and Direct Discounts. Let’s set up these tabs, to create well our summer campus.

In this form we will fill out the description, the group to which you belong, and also enter the amount of the first week of campus.

How to define the prices of the campus according to the number of weeks contracted?

First we must have several weeks created in our campus. For this we will an additional details -> definitions of weeks, and click on the "New" button, to create the weeks of campus.

Once we have the different campus weeks created we will go to Prices and Discounts --> Prices and click on "New" to create a price that suits our preferences. Within the price card we will select the target group, the shift and the week we want.