When logging in in the Back Office System, we will see the booking grid of the day in which we are in order to be able to see the daily planning, as well as to see the bookings and their status. We can see the information of the bookings by passing the mouse over or by clicking on it. We can also review the past bookings by choosing a specific date.


The main screen is divided into several parts. Up and right is the main menu, and just below the top menu we can find the icons for quick access. 

On the right you will find our Username and a button for logging out.


*Main menu*

On this menu you have the more relevant areas of the software. Each area has a drop down menu with all the different sections. To access to any section just click on it.

*Quick access buttons*

Here you have a few buttons to access to the most common actions you'll need while you are using the software.

Agenda/Schedule: Here you can create, modify or delete entries from the calendar. It works like a task list.
Agenda/Schedule entry: Click on this button to create a new entry in the calendar.
Booking grid: Quick access the booking grid.
New customer: Here you can create a new customer's file.
New membership: Click on here to create a new membership for an existing customer.
Enroll Student: From here you can enroll a user in one of the schools or courses. We can also make them from the menu Planning.
Customer Search: With this button we can make a quick search of the clients of the venueu. We can also do it from the menu Clients.
Find customer: With this button we can make a quick search of the customers of the center. We can also do this from the Customers/General Rates menu.
Find Assistant: With this button we can make a quick search of the assistants enrolled in a school or course. We can also do it from the menu Planning.
Ticket Sale/ Access Voucher: From here we can make a Ticket Sale or an Access Voucher. We can also do it from the menu Customers.
Sale Voucher: From here we can sale a voucher. We can also do it from Customers.
Discounting Use: From here we can discount the uses of a voucher.
POS: With this button we access the Point of Sale Terminal. We can also access here from the Finance menu.
New Ticket: From here we can create a new sale's ticket. We can also do it from Finance.
Top Up Balance: From here we can top up a balance in the account of some customer/user.
Issue temporary pass: From here we can create a temporary access voucher.
Check Pass: From here we can check the movements of a specific pass.
Register access: From here, if someone forgets their access pass, or this is not mandatory, we can consult it and make moves (allow access, exit etc.)
Locate User: With this button we can look for an user using their identifier.
Cash Box Journal: From here we can see all the movements done, as well as making cash entries or outs.
Open Cash box: From here we can open de cash box.
Close Cash Box: From here we can close the cash box.
Open drawer: From here we will open the cash drawer.
In: We use this button when registrating the check in of an employee.
Out: We use this button registrating the check out of an employee. 

*Working area*

In some areas of the Back Office System, when we have a list of information, it is allowed to search by means of a dropdown. To perform the indicated search, we must press the ENTER key or click on the binoculars . In some cases, we can also specify filtering options using the icon . In some cases, we may find this icon used to edit the Client profile, or the icon to remove the Client profile.

In most of the different tabs of the Back Office System, we will find the same structure, as well as a serie of buttons. 

The mian structure is always be headed with a title on Main Information. In the left we find a lateral menu with different informaiton. Then, in the botom, we find some action options.

-The buttons we can find are:

to add a new object to the list.

It will be used to refresh the data.

It will export the data we are seeing on the screen at that time to en Excel File.

It shows us the statistics of the data.

 It will be used to mass-send SMS messages to list users.

*This service will have to be hired outside Matchpoint; consult.

Massive mailing to those on the list.

Massive push up for all customer s in the list

This option shows differnet reports availables for downloading.