Sometimes we might need to introduce a special reduced rate for a specific date.

To do so, we need to create a new price only applicable within a date range, without changing the regular prices.

Within the reservation system, all prices can coexist within the same rate; the software will simply apply them in order of priority or applicability.

1.    Access Customers → General Rates → Bookings

2.    Edit the relevant rate. 

3.    Access the prices tab and create a new price.

4.    Fill in the dates in which you want the price to be valid.

5.    Mark it as a prioirity price

6.    Indicate the price. You can put a zero if you want the customers to book for free.


7.    Save the new price by clicking on 'update'.


With this process we have created a price that is only valid for those dates and can be used both on the web and mobile or on-site.