To be able to register a student in a campus we must go to:

Planning-> Campus -> Campus

Click on the "Edit" button.

A window will open in which we will click on the Assistants section of the menu on the left, and on the button "New"; as the image shows to enroll a new student:

The following window will open with information to fill out:

Here we will select the days that the student will attend and the class schedule of that day, for it will be necessary to select a group (to see how to create a group and its schedules go to the article Create groups in the school). We can also select a level (more information in Create levels in the school) and the period of payment of the quota, as well as direct discounts.

From the schedules that we mark or the days that the student attends to class, the price of said registration will be automatically calculated (to see how to create prices go to the article Creating prices for the school according to the days or hours per week)