To collect a fee from the school we must access to:

Planning → Sport school → Courses/Schools.

Here we will see the list of schools or courses that we have created. Click the icon   at school we want to charge a fee.

Once we have pressed, we will go to section Payments Control:

From here we can charge the student directly the fee by clicking the icon .

Once pressed, we will see a window like the following:

Here we can specify how the fee will be paid in cash, card or transfer.

We can also charge the fee by accessing the customer that we want to charge you.

For this we must access to: Costumers → Costumers.

Here we will see the list of clients. We can find the client by entering his name, his ID, his code of partner or his mobile.

Once we have found the customer, click on the icon and we will go to section Billing and Collection:

In Serie we will choose E-Escuelas and we will see the collected fees and the pending of collection. 

Click on the icon to collect the school fee and we will see the following window of payment, in which we can select the way in which the fee will be charged: