To create an activity you have to go to:

Planning --> Group classes --> List of Activities

Once you have accessed you'll see the list of activities you already have. If you haven't created any, the list will be empty.

You can create new activities pressing "New", edit it pressingand delete it pressing.

When you press  you'll see the initial and final date for the whole activity planning and you'll be able to change it as you like. This means if you set the start date as 1st of January and finish 31st of December the activity will be programmed for the whole year using the schedule you define when you create or edit it. (you can see below how to set the schedule)

When you create new activities, you will see this screen:

As you can see you have to define to which group of activities it belongs, if you don't need to classify the activities you can just use a default group and put them all in it. Also you can select the center, Name of the activity, max capacity, if the activity will have an instructor or not, the booking rate, the color it will have on the internal booking grid and a few more options.

When you have finished filling the whole options press the Update button and then your activity will be created.

After that, to set up everything else press  on the activity and then you'll see more options in the left menu.

In the General options we can see the information we already introduced when we have created the activity.

To manage the schedule go to Schedule section:

Press "New" to create a new schedule, to edit one that already exists, to delete it,to see and/or change the period of the activity, the instructor, the court/hall, and see the last booking made.

If we press "New" we can see the next screen, where we can set the times and days of the activity:

When you have fill the form with every option you wanted for your activity, go to Table schedule section to see the hours and days you've just set up.