To set up attendance fees for activities we must access to:

Customers → General Rates → Group classes  Activity Class Access Pass.

Once we have entered we will see the list of rates of assistance to activities that we have created. 

In the case of not having created any, the list will be empty:

From here we can create new activity assistance rates by clicking on "New", edit them pressing   and delete them by pressing the icon .

When we create new activity assistance fees, we will see the following:

As we see, in the creation of the new quotas of assistance to activities we must only indicate the name of the quota and a description to later Update.

Once our new quota appears in the list we can continue editing it by clicking the icon :

As we see, in the General section will appear the information that we have introduced in the creation of the quota.

On the other hand, in the Prices section we can configure the prices that will have the attendance to an activity. 

The list of prices that we have created will appear, in case you have not created any, the list will be empty:

We can create new prices by clicking "New", edit them by clicking and delete them with .

In case we want to add a new price we will see the following window:

As we see, we must indicate the price that will have, if it is a priority price on the others that we have for the quota in question and the period of validity. We must also indicate the billing and accounting information as the VAT rate or the accounting account.

When we edit one of the prices created, in addition to the General section that contains the information we have introduced in its creation, we have the Conditions sections. In Conditions we can add conditions to apply the price and in Time Slots we can indicate time slots or days in which the price will be applied.