To add a news we must access to:

Website & Networks → Content for portals and mobile app  News.

Once we have entered we will find the list of news that we have created and that can be configured to see them from the web:

If we want to add new news, we can do it by clicking the icon "New". In case you want to modify the news already created press and if we want to eliminate them we press .

If we edit or add news, we can see the following window with two sections, General and Files:

From General we can configure the Portal, the Center, the Category of the news, upload an image, if we want to select a photo album, whether the news is displayed, whether it is public or not and if relevant. In addition, we have the option to notify customers of new news by checking send as newsletter and notify mobile phones. We can also choose to show it for a certain time and add a title and content to the news. At the end, we press insert.

In the Files section we will see the list of files that can be viewed from the web. If you have not added any, the list will be empty. To add new files select the icon "New", if we want to edit the added files click and if we want to remove them we press .

When we add new files we will see a window like the following:

As we can see, to select the file that we want to add click on File. In News will appear the title that we have given to our new news. In Name we will put the name that we want to have the file that we add and in Position we will put the position where we want this new file to be viewed. Finally, we update and the new file will already be added.