To control and manage the subscriptions we can click on Customers → Membership and services fees.

Here we can manage all the different types of subscriptions.

Once we have chosen the type of subscription, we will see the list of customers who are subscribed to it.

We can search by customer name, mobile, ID or customer code. The fields we can see are the subscription number, the subscription holder, the e-mail, the subscription type, the rate, the payment method, the date of registration, when it has been paid, the status (active or inactive), the number of people who are members of the subscription, the enrollment fee, the first fee and the subsequent fees.

In addition, if we want to edit the subscription we can press  and it will take us to the Subscription Form. If we click on the magnifying glass we can see all the subscription fees, if they were paid or not. You can also charge the following fee by clicking on the green bills icon. By clicking on the downward or upward arrow you can unsubscribe or subscribe the customer.

By clicking on the green arrow next to search engine, we can filter by dates, forms of payment, status of the subscription and so on.

The same functionalities will be available for the other types of subscriptions we offer.