To open and close the daily box we must access to:

Finance -> Cash control -> Open/Close cash box

Once we have entered, we will see the following window that serves both for opening and closing the Cash box:

  • First let's look at the steps for Opening Cash:
    Select Open as Operation.
  • Select the cashbox which we want to open: 
    • If the contents of the box have not changed since the last closing we can click on Load data of the last close. In that case, all Coins and Banknotes information will be filled automatically. 
    • Otherwise we will insert the Coins and Banknotes that we have in the box. The Total Cash will be updated according to the information entered.
  • If necessary, change the Date and Time.

  • Finally, we enter the Total Checks and Total Credit Cards (in case you did not withdraw them in the previous closing) and click Accept.

On the other hand, let's look at the steps for the Cash Closing:

  • Select Close as Operation.
  • Select the cashbox where we want to perform the closing.
  • If necessary, change the Date and Time.
  • Enter the Coins and Banknotes we have in the till. The Cash Total will be automatically updated according to the information entered. Check that the Expected Cash matches the Total Cash (if not, there will be an imbalance in the cash drawer).
  • Enter the Total Vouchers and Total Cards. We check that the Cards Expected coincides with the Cards Total (otherwise there will be a cash flow imbalance).
  • We can enter the Cash withdrawn from the till. 
  • Finally, we check that the Total matches the Expected Total and click on Accept to finalise the closing.