To state the price of the parking spots go to:

Customers -> General Rates -> Services --> Rental Parking

Once there, you'll see the list of different rates for the parking.  If you haven't created any rate, the list will be empty. 

If you want to add a new prices for the parking spots press on "New", if you want to modify any existing one press on, and if you want to remove them press on.

When you add a new rate, you'll see the next screen:

Here you can set the name of the price, a description, the payment period (single payment, monthly, yearly...), the option "Collect first fee with enrolment" to create the debt as soon as we sell the service, "Apportion first fee" to split the payment of the first fee, "Generate fees" should be always selected, and we can set when the customer will have the debt for the next fee, if the same day it started the service (even if it's in the middle of the month) or at the end of the month, and if we want a specific months to charge the fee.

The last thing is the billing details.

When you edit the price after it's created,  you will see two sections on the left, General section and Prices section. In the General section you'll see the information you just introduced, and on the prices section you can add the actual amount that needs to be paid on each fee and (this is optional) the registration amount.

To add the amount to pay for the parking space press on "New", if you want to edit the prices press on and if you want to remove them press on.

The first option is to make the price available, Then you can write a code and a name for the price, and also some information about it if you want. 

The "Validity period" is between which dates this price will be available. If you leave it blank it will always be available, but you can edit this  anytime.

Amount enrolment is the price you pay to join this service, if there is any, you should write it here. And the Fee cost is the actual price of each fee.

The rest of the fields are for billing information, as any other price on the program.