To define the different types you can go to:

 Costumers -> General rates -> Vouchers 

To access any of the voucher types click on the option in the menu shown above.

Once there, you will see a list of vouchers you have already. If you do not have any, the list will be empty.

To add a new voucher you can press on "New", to modify the ones you have, press on  and to remove them.

If you add a new voucher, you will see the following window:

In the General section you can set general information that describes the voucher such as the code, the name, if it will be active or not yet. You can also add a description, the duration, in minutes or in sessions, if the voucher expires. In the voucher you can include guests, lighting fees and decide if it is visible on the website. You can also add notes.

In the Courts section you can see the list of different types of courts you have and you can select the ones for which it can be used. 

If the voucher is a private class voucher, instead of courts you will have the coaching session section where you can select in which lessons would be possible to use it. If it is an access voucher, you will not have any of these options in the menu.

Once the voucher is created, you can go back to the voucher's list and if you press on you will see the following window:

As you can see, there are more sections like PricesAccess Control and When can it be used?

In the Prices section, you will see the list of different prices for the voucher. If you want to add a new price, press on "New".

Then you will see the following window, where you can select the options for each price. You can create more than one price for each voucher so that different types of customers pay different prices for the same voucher.

You can add conditions too, to aplicate each price.

In the Access Control section, you can add new access controls, to state which areas will be available and when for whoever uses the voucher. You can deleteor remove them too.

The last option is the ¿When can it be used? section, where you can see when the voucher can be used. If you want to add new times and days to use the voucher just click on "New" or edit the ones you have on the list if there is any.