To define access vouchers go to:

Customers -> General Rates -> Vouchers -> Access Vouchers.

Once you are there, it wil show the list of access vouchers you have currently. 

If you haven't created any voucher, that list will be empty.

On the list you can see the code, the decription, the duration type and the duration.

To add new voucers press on "New", to edit vouchers that are already created press on and if you want to remove it press on.

Once the voucher is created, you will see it on the list of vouchers, press on edit iconand you will see the next screen:

In the General section you must set general information that describes the voucher like the code, the name, if it is Active, a voucher description, the duration that you can set in minutes or in sessions, if it expires, if the guestes can be included, if it includes light, if it is visible on the website and the remarks.

In the Prices section, you will see the list of different available prices for the voucher. Here you can know if the prices is Active, the description name, if it has Validity period, if it has priority above the rest and the amount. You can add new prices pressing on "New", but you can modifyor removetoo.

In the Access Control section you can add new access controls, but you can modify or remove too.