To define the matches schedule on the web go to:

System -> Web tables -> Matches grids

There we will see all the matches grids that we have created (the ones on the website)  and we can edit the ones we already have available or create new ones.

Once you inside the grid you will see the following window, where you can select the schedule of each court. Make sure you also have the box next to the name of each court selected so it's available on the website. If it is not selected the court won't be on the web.

You can edit these schedules in: 

System --> Courts --> Schedule for sport facilities usage.

Edit any schedule to select exactly the length of each space in which you will allow matches to be created. The schedules named Web are usually the one used for the bookings if you have a closed schedule (not free for the customer to choose the length of the bookings) so you shouldn't modify that one/s.

Click on each of the blue boxes and you'll see the option to remove it, or if you click and drag the mouse in an empty space, you will make it available to choose. If they are going to be the same every day, or most, you will only have to modify or create the schedule for Monday and then press the "Fill all days like Monday" button (at the bottom) and the Monday schedule will be set on every day of the week.

When you're done press Update and make sure you have selected the schedule you created / modified on the court/s as we've showed at the beginning in:

System -> Web tables -> Matches grids