When we sell any service we should keep in mind some concepts.

The software has two types of charges:

-The periodic charges : Services that would very likely continue through time so the payment is made every month, 3 months, 6 months or year. For example memberships, schools, lockers...

-The single charges : All remaining services, that are usually paid in full when the service is contracted. This is, for example, the case of the court bookings, private lessons, vouchers etc.

Depending on the type of charge (periodic or single) we will do the billing in one way or another.

IMPORTANT: When we talk about billing, is always about creating the document (receipt or invoice), but not about actually charging the service. Any service can be outstanding and have a receipt or invoice already linked.

If we're gonna bill the periodic charges we can use the option in Finance / Invoicing periodic charges to do it. Check this to see how.

If it's about the single charges, can be done massively through the option in  Planning / Booking invoicing, or if it's just one or a few, from each client file.

These options are only to create the receipt or the invoice, and after that, we have to send it to charge the service. Usually when we use this options to do massive billing is because we want to send a remittance to the bank with all the charges. In that case, you can see how to create a remittance with all the charges in here.

We can see all the receipts and invoices of a client accessing his/her file and going to billing and collection. There we can see all the receipts and invoices already created for this client and if it's paid, outstanding or void.

The services the client has contracted but still not linked to a receipt or invoice will be in their specific section in the client file, for example, a tournament inscription will be in tournaments section, or a booking will be in bookings. If you don't find the button, look inside the services section.

To see the client's section deeply go to Clients