In order to be able to give access permissions to clients we will first go to:

Customers → Customers

Here we have all the list of customers, therefore we will select the button  of the client to which we want to give access permissions.

The following window will open where we will have to click on the Access Control option in the menu on the left.

In this window in the right side we have four options the Passes List where we can create one or several passes to have access, History Access where we will record all the accesses that has had that client, Biometrics in case we would like to register some Trace to identify the customer and Profiles.

If we want to create new passes for a customer click Create Pass and we will see a window like the following:

In this window we can create passes for the whole day, Mifare, Biometric or by Code. Once the data of the new pass have been completed, we will either be discharged or discharged and printed.

In the Biometrics tab we have the option of enrolling the customer's footprint and identifying it:

Finally, in Profiles we can add a new customer access profile by clicking on New Profile.

In the case of employees we will go to Staff → Employees.

Once we have entered we will see the list of employees that we have registered. 

As with customers, click the icon  of the employee that we want to grant access permissions:

Once we have entered, go to the section Accesses and we will see the same four tabs that we have discussed previously List of pass, History accesses, Biometrics and Profiles.