To register a customer, we will access to: 

Clients -> Add new record

Once we have entered, we will see the following window:

As we can see, we have several fields to fill out. To see how to manage the required fields when a user signs up, please refer to the article Information to collect from customers. In order to register the client and that he has access to the web it is necessary to enter the email. We can also put if the new customer is a partner, the type of customer, the group, date of birth, if we sign up in the newsletter, etc. 

Finally, once you have entered the necessary data to register the customer, click to finish the process. 

We can also do this from: Clients -> Clients.

Once we have entered, we will see the list of clients who have registered or that we have registered:

To register new clients, click the icon and the registration window will appear: