To view the debts of a customer we must access: 


We will see the list of clients that we have in the database, we will press the icon  to access the tab of the client in question.

Later, we will see the following:

As we can see, we can see the existing debt. The color of the circle that we observe to the right of the client icon refers to the status of the client with respect to any debts or incidents he may have: 

-When the circle is green, the customer has no debts and therefore no outstanding dues. 

-When the circle is in amber, the customer has outstanding debts. 

-When the circle is red, the customer has bigger outstanding debts. If we click the circle, we will see the detailed information of the debts the client may have:

As we can see, we have the option to view and print the debt report. 

In addition, in cases where clients have debts, we will get a dialogue box informing about it.