To register players or teams for a championship, go to:

Planning--> Championships--> Championships

The following window will open where we can see the list of all the championships we have, whether they are leagues or tournaments.

In this window we can see if the championships are finished or if they are still pending. 

As shown in the box marked in the image, it indicates the number of registrations in that championship.

Therefore, in order to register players or teams, click on the "Edit" button as shown in the image.

In the next window, click on "Registrations" in the menu on the left.

 To make a new registration, click on the "New" button.

From here we will fill in the name of the team we want to give it, the colour of our kit... etc.

If we click on "Players" in the menu on the left, the following window will open, where we will put the names of the players we want to be part of the team. 

We can enter them by typing the name directly or the ID number in the boxes or by clicking on the magnifying glass button.

Once we have them, click on "Add to the list".