To create a tournament from scratch go to:

Planning--> Championships ---> Championships

A window will open with a list of all the leagues or tournaments we have created, whether they are finished or not.

To create a new tournament, click on the "New Tournament" button.

From this screen we will fill all the options we want to make a tournament.

The name of the championship in which we want to play, the circuit... (we have to take into consider that we will have to created some of them previously).

We will choose the schedules of the tournament, which days we want to play, at what times... etc.

More things we have to take in consideration are the sections of Prices, Groups... etc.

We will edit the tournament, from the list of active tournaments:

To create new groups/categories, go to "Groups " in the left menu, here we have all the groups we have available, if we want to create new ones, click on the "New" button.

We will open the Group tab, where we will enter a name, the maximum number of team players we want to have, which days of the week we want them to play, the points depending on whether they lose, win or don't show up, as well as the courts they can have available.

A window will open and in the menu on the left we will click on "Prices". In this screen you can create different prices for different groups, in case you want a group to pay more or less.

Click on the "New" button to create a new price for a group.

The following form will open, where we will select in "Group" if we want the price to be for all the groups or only for some of them.

Then we will fill in the following data as we see, what price we want to set for both the registration and the match, if we want penalties to be paid...

If we want to limit the age group when paying or not... etc

Finally, we will go to the "Inscriptions" option in the menu on the left, from here we will be able to register for the tournament.

From here we will have two options in the menu on the left, General and Customers, in General we will put the name of the team, his kit colour, etc.

And in Customers, the names of the players that we want to take part in the championship.

If we want to go into a more detailed explanation about this last section (Inscriptions), we can go to the tutorial "Register players / teams to a championship", in this same section "Championships".