To create a new tournament go to Planning / Championship / Championship

You'll see a window with a list of the championships you already created. To create a new one press on New tournament.

Now you can enter all the basic details of the tournament, such as the name, the length, the inscription dates, if it's a team or a single tournament, the preferred schedule etc. 

Once you have fill all the options, press insert and the tournament will be created. You'll be directed to the previous screen with the list of tournaments. 

to keep configuring the options press  on the tournament you just created.

The next thing to do is create new groups:

Go to the left menu and click on Groups button.

Then press New to create a new group.


Once we have set up all the groups we want, the next step will be set the prices for the tournament. To do so, go to Prices section on the menu, and once there press on

The last option once the groups and the prices are set we can configure the website options for the tournament. To do it, go to Additional data on the menu.

The last thing to do is manage the inscriptions. You have two options here, get them through the website or enter it yourself. You can do both of course.

If you decide to do it through the website, you have to allow it on the screenshot above, then each time someone joins your tournament you'll have them on the inscriptions section as soon as they pay. If you don't want to take the payment, or want to give the option to allow the inscription payment in the club, then they will be inside the requests tab until you accept the inscription or the payment is registered.

If you prefer to register the customers yourself then go to the inscriptions section, and press on New inside the inscriptions tab.

NOTE: If you are accepting registrations through the website and you can't find them, make sure you look inside the Requests tab