When we want to schedule a reservation that is repeated for weeks or months we have two options. We can program a regular reservation, or create a seasonal reservation. The difference is that simple bookings that have been programmed for several dates can be paid either all together or one by one when the booking is used. The seasonal bookings, on the other hand can only be paid in full.

- To make a reservation, access the Reservation box, from the quick access bar by pressing the button
Or by clicking on: Planning -> Daily booking grids -> Padel

We select the time and court that we want to book by clicking and dragging and select the option 'Booking' in the pop up menu that appears.

We then create a booking as usual.

Once we have clicked on 'Save', we will see a button at the bottom of the booking to program it:

Once we click on 'Programme' we have the option to select when the programmed booking will start and end, and if we want it to be a daily, weekly or monthly booking. We can also choose the day of the week and the court we want to book:

We will receive a notification in case the selected court is not available on one or more dates:

On the following screen we can see the dates, cancel some of them and then confirm the booking, quit the process or go to the previous screen.

The icon below identifies a scheduled booking:

- In order to create a Season Booking we select the court and the time from the Booking Grid. Then, we select the option Season Booking from the pop up menu:

On the following screen we select the customer, the court (the one we clicked on will appear by default), the modality, the dates range of the season reservation, the type of schedule (daily, weekly or monthly).

We then click on 'Calculate Prices'. A pop up will inform us in case for one or more dates the selected court is not available. We will then see a recap of the bookings that will be made. We will also be able to see the price calculation done by the software according to the relevant rate and amend it.

By clicking on 'Confirm' the bookings will be created. 

On the last screen we can review the booking, take the payment, leav it pending or cancel it.