To log in into the mobile app you have to use your user and password, or your facebook account.

If you don't have user and password you'll need to register yourself. To know how to register please go to this link: 

Register on the system using the mobile app 

Enter your user and password on the fields and press CONFIRM, or press on CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK to log in.

Once inside the app, you'll see the home screen:

On the home screen you can see the next activities of the center, the news, the court booking and other options. If you press on the menu button at the left top corner of the app you'll see all the sections the app has:


 These sections can be administrated to make them visible or not. For more information about administration of the mobile app sections please go to Manage mobile app sections

As you can see we have the sections Personal área, Youtube, Facebook and Isntagram that are personalized sections, and then Schedule, Messages, News, Events, Court booking, Play! System, Activities, Friends, Ranking, Championships, Alerts, Info | Contact, My groups and Logout.

On the Personal área section you can configure the privacy of your account, check the balance, configure our availability schedule, check and manage levels, check the personal profile and the personal files.

The sections Instagram and Facebook are two personalised sections. If you wanna know how to create personalised sections go to Add personalized sections to the mobile app

On the Schedule section you can check your booking record for the courts and the activities as well.

In messages section, you'll see your list of conversations. Also you can send new messages pressing on + New Chat

On the News section you'll see the current information, events, championships or news of the center. When you click on any of them, it will take you to the detailed info about it.

On the section Events you can see the events of the club, on  Reserve Courts you can book a court (for more information about the court booking go to  Book courts using the mobile app )

On the section System Play! you can create new matches and search open matches to join, to see how to create a new match go to Open a match using the mobile app

On the Activities section you can look at the available activities to join (for more information go to Book a place in a guided activity )

On the Friends section we can find ew friends, see the friends you already have, and accept and decline friend requests. To see how to add new friends go to Add friends using the mobile app

On the Ranking section you can see the current global ranking of your center.

On the championships section you can join, or see the information about all the current championships of the center.

On the Info | Contact section you'll see something similar to the next screen, with some useful information about your centre and links.

The last option of the menu is Logout, that you can use to close the session.