To access the mobile App of trainers, we first have a login screen, where we must enter the Center Code, User and Password. (You must first request the center code for the App.)

For more information about access go to the following tutorial:

The App has a main menu, where we can find the options of Profile, Schedule, Groups, Students and Create class, as shown in the image.

With the Profile option, we can modify the personal profile. Clicking on it will open a new window with different options to fill or modify.

When clicking on Agenda, we will leave the classes that we programmed, click on one of the classes programmed to access your information, where we will see the location of the class, date, time ... as well as the students in the class.
From here we can pass list by clicking on the "Attend, Recoverable and Not Recoverable" buttons.
If we want to delete the class, click on the "Delete Class" button where a window will appear, so that we can give the reason for the cancellation.
If we want to send a message to a student, click on the button "Notify student".



 In the Groups option, we have a list of all available groups

In the option of Students, we have the list of all the students that we have enrolled in some of the classes, not all the students of the center.

If we click on Create classwe will open a first window, where we fill in the date and time, the number of students, the group, etc., when we click on the "Create Class" button that we will see at the bottom of the screen , We will open a second window so that we can select students.

Url's of the App in iOS and Android: