To create the service fees for rental of lockers we must access:

Customers -> General Rates -> Services -> Rental Locker.

Once we’re inside, we’ll see the list of locker fees.

If you have not created any, the list will be empty.

To create new quotas click the "NEW" icon and the following window will appear:

As we can see, here we must enter the name of the fee, a description, the payment period be it monthly, semester, annual, single payment or quarterly. It should also indicate whether there was a desire to collect the first instalment with tuition, whether the first instalment was apportioned, whether there were any instalments, the maturity of the instalments and the fixed instalment months. Finally, you must indicate the billing data and click Insert once the new quota data has been filled in.

Once the new ticket rental fee has been created, it will appear in the list and we can modify it or delete it.

Then, once the quota is created, by clicking on the edit icon, we can access the section Prices of the quota and define the amount of the fee and/or the registration amount of this service:

To do this you must click the "NEW" icon in the Prices section and define the ticket rental price data:

Let us now state the case where we want to indicate an accounting account of the subscription installments.
To know how to do it click HERE to see it in detail.