In order to enable the monitors to give certain types of classes we will go to:

Planning → Instructors → Instructors List

We will open a list with all the monitors we have, we click on the "Edit" button of the monitor to which we want to enable the classes, as shown in the image.

Pressing will open a new window, where we will go to the option "Skills" in the menu on the left. We will see that there is a chart with all the classes available to teach, the type of charge and the price that will charge the monitor for hours. But in the last column of "Category", if we click on it will open a drop down as shown in the image, where we can choose the type of category we want, in case we do not want to give this class select the option " Don't teach. "

Choosing the category in the monitors serves us when creating the prices of the tutorials, will depend and will vary depending on the categories of the monitors.

See the last image of this tutorial: