In order to be able to make a sale of tickets / bonuses to access the center we will press the button that indicates the image provided, which we will find in the icon bar of direct access of the main screen.

Once inside, we will enter the holder, the amount, the category etc.

We’ll press create and we’ll get it.

Once inside of vouchers windows, you can look for the holder pressing the magnifying glass, select the voucher you want and the rest of the fields will be filled automatically with the conditions and price you configured when created the voucher.

Once you've finished filling the fields, press on create (to leave the voucher outstanding) or Create and charge (will open the payment window) or Create and mark as charged (will be created as it was already paid but without any cash movement, it won't open the payment window)

If you press on Create and charge the payment window will open and will look like the following image, where you can select the payment method, the payment will be recorded on the program and you'll get the purchase receipt.