In order to book a court to do a private lesson, in the main screen, where we have the reservation box, we will drag in the track we went and the schedules and we will see a drop down with different options as shown in the red box on the image provided down here.
Click on "Private Class"to create it.

Once inside the tab of the particular class, we can see the information about that class, from a date to its schedule.
On the right side, we can see a dropdown with a list of monitors, we will select the monitor that we want to be taught by the class.
In order to enroll students in this class, we will either click the locate button or the new client register as shown in the image. 

If we click on the button with the magnifying glass (locate button), we will open a list with all the clients that we have, to be able to point one in that class just have to click on the button  to select it and add it.

We will see that a student appears to us in the class. Click on the "Save and Exit" button that we will find at the bottom of the screen and we will have the class created.