To clone a campus or school we must access to:

Planning → Sport school → Courses/Schools or Planning → Campus → Campus.

Now we will look for in the list of schools created to the school/campus that we want to clone and we will press the icon  :

Once we have entered, we will see at the bottom of the screen several buttons and between them is one called Duplicate:


When we click the clone button we will see a window and we can modify the start and end date, the start and end date of the entries and the date of start and end of the quotas.

It is advisable that the name of the new school is not the same as that of the original school so as not to create confusion between them.

When we have entered all the data correctly we will press the button Clone and the cloned school will leave in the list of schools:

In this new cloned school we will have the same prices, groups, levels, offers, discounts, monitors and schedules that we had in the original school.