The first question that needs to be asked is how we have recorded the concept of "partner" within the program, if these clients are in a specific group, they are of a specific type of customer or, on the other hand, those who pay the Individual or family fee.

If the answer is first, "The partners are those who belong to the group or type of client partner":

-We go to the list of customers (Customers Menu → Customers).

-We show additional filters:

-We filter by group or type of client, selecting them in the appropriate drop-downs.

-Press the send mailing button.

If the answer is the first, "The members are those who pay a certain fee and the family that covers the quota":

-We go to the list of subscribers (Customers menu --> Membership and services fees --> Membership fees).

-We show additional filters.

-We filter by type of subscription.

-Press the send mailing button.