To discount the uses of a Bonus manually, we have two options:


Clicking directly on the "Discount Usage" button on the Shortcut button:

We will open a window where in the number of Bonus we will select the bonus we want from the customer we want, gives us the option to search for it by customer etc.

We will check that the bonus has been added to the previous window, here we can select in sessions the number of sessions we want to deduct from that bonus and additional information to clarify that those sessions have been discounted.


You can also take off sessions/minutes from the customer's file and going to the Vouchers section on the menu.

Inside the voucher's section you'll see the list of passes the customer has, so just click on on the pass you want to take off the use.

Then you'll get another popup window with all the info of the pass. Click on Discount use, and type in the number of minutes / sessions you want to take off  in the new pop up window and also a description that explains the entry if you want to.

To finish press accept and the pass will be updated showing the number of sessions / minutes left.