-What is the Play system! and what difference does it make to a normal reserve?

It’s the Play system! is a game reservation system, in which you can limit by player level and it is necessary that there are 4 players to be able to play the game, otherwise it will be closed.

When the players of the game finish the game, they can decide to score the game, to qualify in a ranking. 

You can also notify the customer of the game opening confirmation and warn more players that a game has started at a level similar to their own. 


First, the times we want to have (8:00-23:30) and their durations (60,90,120).

In the Booking Policies we can define what kind of clients have advantages over others when making reservations and departures: System --> Web tables --> Booking Policies

To configure the game levels, in addition to the scoring parameters, we will access:

System --> Courts --> Sports

We will have to consider what courts we will have available for the Play system!

System --> Web Tables --> Matches grids

It is important that after the parameterization we remember to access the client’s tab to configure its level as player because if not, it will not be able to book games by level.

As for the payment of the Play! games and their prices, these are the same as those set up for the reservation system.