When we already have the remittance created, we will only have to send the document to the bank and mark it as charged.

There are two options when it comes to charging:

The first option is to mark it already as charged, pressing the button of the banknotes, as shown in the image above, (so that we do not make mistakes in the debts of our clients etc. At the time of accessing the center) nothing But send the remittance to the bank. The problem with this option is that if the bank returns the remittance or some payment from it, for whatever error, that remittance could no longer be cleared as charged, we would only have the option to make a return to the client.

Link to returns

The second option is to wait to mark it as collected until the bank gives us the approval that everything is fine, since in case there was any kind of incident with the document of a client the bank would return the entire remittance, But as we would not have marked it as charged, we could resolve the incident * and send it back to the bank. (But this could cause a customer who has already paid to leave as outstanding debt).


To be able to delete a receipt from the remittance, because the bank has detected it by mistake. We will edit the remittance, as shown in the image.

Once we access the remittance and we have the list of all the receipts, we will press on the "X" to eliminate in which it has given us the error.

Click the Update button to save the changes. And we can now send it back to the bank without the error.