To be able to make the remittances and send it to the bank you'll need to bill the outstanding fees. To do this, we go to:

Finance --> Sales and listings --> Invoicing periodic charges

Once there, you have several options to select the charges you want to bill.

First, you should select a date (this date will be on the receipts/invoices you're gonna make), then you can specify a due date if you like, and select the type of the document that will be created (receipt or invoice). 

Some more filters are available for the search, for example, if you only want to bill a specific group or type of customers, if they have to be currently subscribed and which kind of charges you want to bill (If it is courses, locker rentals, subscriptions etc).

Once you have finished selecting the options press "LOAD" and you'll see the list of all the charges you selected. 

You can also delete those you do not want to bill those pressing  .

Once the list is showing what you need to bill, press "INVOICE" and the system will create a ticket or invoice for every fee.

Now that you have all the receipts or invoices, you can make a remittance to send to the bank. See here how to do it:

how to create the remittance to send to the bank