There are different types of charges when it comes to charging a reservation to one or more customers.


To make a payment with card, cash or with an invoice, we would click on the button to collect inside the reservation.

Once pressed, a window will open in which we can choose the method of payment we want.


Another option available is to charge it with a wallet (if the customer has a balance available in his wallet, we would click on the "collect" button inside the reservation.

Once the collection window is opened, click on the "Available Balance" option. This amount will be deducted from your balance.

If you want to know how to recharge the wallet, click on the following tutorial:


We can also charge the reservations with a bonus, for this we will click on the option "Use voucher".

If the customer has a bonus available to use will appear directly in the list, we will only have to press the button to select to discount hours or uses of it.

There is another option, in case a customer does not have a bonus or that a customer decides to give him/her uses of his bonus. And it is to manually search for the bonus of a particular customer in the manual voucher search.


We also have the option to give the game away. We only have to click on the button "Give" and directly would already be marked as charged the game.


Another option of payment would be to use hours, for the customers subscribed. 

See HERE for the subscription configuration.

We should only press the "Use hours" button.

When you click on this button, you will get the credits available for that reservation. 

This will deduct the minutes configured in the credit.

If you want to add, some additional charge for a particular player. We will have to press the button of additional charges, in the you can apply some discount in concrete or as the word indicates, some additional charge. (Water, balls ...) 

Click HERE for more information.