Membership fee → Register a person so that, by paying a fee, he receives a service or can use a thing, such as the use of courts, gyms, etc.

    How to create a MatchPoint membership ?:

Voucher → It gives the right to use a service for a certain time or a certain number of times. There are booking, activities, private lessons or access vouchers. Each of them has it's own purpose.

For example, you can sell a 10-session booking voucher to a customer and each time the customer has to pay for a booking, one use will be removed automatically from the total of the voucher.

    How to create a MatchPoint voucher?:

Booking voucher.

Private lesson voucher

Activities voucher

Access (to the centre) voucher

Fee → A fee is a fixed amount of money that is paid, monthly, quarterly, annually, etc., to receive a service in return.

For example, when we create a Subscription and we register a customer in that Subscription, he/she will pay a fee every month, every three months or every year, depending on how we have configured the fee for such service.