To schedule or create a booking, go to the reservations schedule by clicking on the calendar button on the quick bar.

Once you see the courts, simply click and drag from the time you want the reservation to start until the time you want it to end.

NOTE: In some cases like Mac computers, in the mobile app or when you have fixed schedules in for the internal booking grid, you will have to select one of the options that appear by clicking on the space you want, or in the drop down menu.

When you finish selecting the times for the booking, you'll see a drop-down menu with several options, select the one you want by clicking on it and then click on save (except in the quick reservation).

-Express booking You just need to select a customer to complete the booking, nothing else. You can always edit it later to enter more info.

-Booking is a regular booking, a window be open to specify all the options you want, such as players, additional charges, etc.

-Season booking is a booking that will be repeated over a period of time. You can specify when do you want the booking to be scheduled in the next weeks, months, or even years.

-Private class is a booking that includes a teacher for the lesson and you can select the type of lesson and the group.

-Center booking is a reservation that we create internally for any reason we want, it's mainly used to block schedules to the public, for example if we want to organize something on that specific hours that isn't gonna be a regular service (like an event, a dinner...) clients can not be included in a center booking.

-Match is a reservation with special options, such as the possibility of automatically add players from the web / mobile app and also you can include the results of the game.

-Maintenance is like the reservation center, it serves to block the space we want, but this case is only for maintenance tasks and we can select from a series of options which would apply to the case. This reservation is not included in the occupancy statistics.