In order to generate and collect quotas manually, we will edit the subscription in which we want to generate a specific quota (for example to overlap in the same month two installments):

Important: Once the subscription has been made, the Automatic MatchPoint process of "periodic charges" must work correctly, the "Automatically update prices at each renewal" option must be checked and check that the "Up" and "next installment" are correlative.

If you want to generate in the same month two quotas, for example, in September, we will go to the section of Fees and we will click on the button "Generate Next Fee", and once the quota is already generated, we will see that the next date Quota has been updated.

To re-generate a quota in September we will change the date of next quota again to September and would generate another quota for September.

IMPORTANT: it is not possible to generate overlapping quotas in the bulk billing process, since that in particular is validated in the process to avoid it.

So in case of wanting to overlap some type of quota in the same month we will proceed to change dates and generate the document.