As you are all aware of, on the 25th of May a new General Data Protection Regulation will be introduced in the European Union.

We recommend you to contact your legal advisor in order to make sure that all your documents and procedures abide to the new regulations.

Here at Matchpoint, we have devised some new functionalities that can help you to deal with the new regulations.

-On line registration

We have added during the on-line registration process a new field for the customers to agree to receive commercial communications.

Users under 16 years of age are now prevented form creating an on-line profile.

-Update of the customers private area

We have added new fields that allow the customer to consent to receive commercial communications and to authorize the use of their image.

-Update of the privacy policy, legal notes, cookies policy and terms of use

Within the system configuration area, we have added an area to upload the new documents regarding privacy policy, legal notes, cookies policy and terms of use.

*New processes available

Forwarding of the disclaimer about cthe customer´s rights and of the link to the legal notes

This process allows to forward to your customers a link to the privacy policy.

Erasing the data

This process allows you to erase all the customer´s data on request. The customer´s activity log will be kept, without the personal information.

Exporting the data

This process allows you to create a compressed folder with the customer data, in order to guarantee its portability.


We have added an area to manage the update of the privacy procedures.

From here we can erase the profiles belonging to users younger than 16, erase the newsletters, update the status of permission for the usage of data and image.

In case you have any question, please do no thesitate to contact our support team.