FLEXY, fingerprint registration system, for employees and customers.

The Biometric fingerprint recording device performs access control, entry and exit of employees and customers.

To know if we can set it up, we must first check that everything is well connected to the same network, to the energy, and that when it is started, a blue light appears in a circle.

This way we will send you the files for configuration and call to configure it on-line.

We must have the device connected to the network of the same computer that will have control along with the Match Point program of your center.

When we have it connected to the network and the computer, we must proceed to upload the files of the fingerprint registration system to the corresponding computer. All installed and connected device, we will access the Flexy fingerprint registration system program, and the next window will open.

We will proceed to the search:

In code we must select if it is an employee or client record that we want to locate.

Insert the employee or customer code and locate.

Then we must put the index finger on the reader and give to take prints , wait at least 5 seconds for the print to be taken well and recorded in the system.

We will then record the information.

Once the registration has been completed, the BIOMETRIC registration will be recorded in the Match Point system on the employee’s or client’s card, directly on the card in accesses.